Not just cold, but freezing cold temperatures and brutal wind chills! I like to think that I am deliberate intending to our flock of chickens this time of year, but it still happened! Yep, one of our chickens got frostbite on her comb.

I’ve come to realize that most cold climate chicken keepers will deal with frostbite one time or another.

Did you know that wind chill and moisture/dampness can also cause frostbite? Also, water dripping onto the wattles puts a chicken at high risk for frostbite, especially in extremely cold temps.

Do not keep the chicken’s drinking water inside the coop.

Petroleum Jelly Applying petroleum jelly to a chicken’s comb and wattle can be used as a preventative measure, but will not help once frostbite has settled in.

Take the chicken inside Severe frostbite can be treated by warming the chicken slowly.

If you choose to bring the chicken inside your home, it should be kept inside until the frostbite is gone, preventing further damage.

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