Trim Nails, Beaks, Feathers

Brown Egg Blue Egg Trim Nails, Beaks, Feathers By Angie Pearson, Ph.M. Edited by Alan Stanford, Ph.D. I volunteer, I volunteer! I LOVE trimming nails, beaks and stuff! Even at the shows you can find me walking around with a fingernail file in hand, gently filing down any tiny little places on my Silkies beaks. Sometimes I stand […]

Treat Heat Stroke

Brown Egg Blue Egg Treat Heat Stroke By Suze Scott Edited by Alan Stanford, Ph.D. I just got off the phone with the vet. Getting hold of a vet today was a real effort. My regular chicken vet was booked solid. He did get back to me with a message through the front office folks that […]

Sour Crop

Brown Egg Blue Egg Sour Crop By Dr. David J. Kersting, D.V.M. From The American Cockatiel Society’s Online Magazine The American Cockatiel Society’s policy is to allow reprints of articles provided that credit is given to A.C.S. and the author. The Online Magazine and the A.C.S. Standard, visual (logo bird) and written, are copyrighted duplication […]

Defects in Silkie Wings

  Brown Egg Blue Egg Defects in Silkie Wings By Alan Stanford, Ph.D. Brown Egg Blue Egg I know of at least 6 defects in Silkie wings Slipped Wing Weak Wing Over Folded Wing Angel Wing Twisted Wing Long Wing Queen Wing You can test for most of these defects by stretching out a bird’s wing, […]

Silkies Have a Hole in Their Head

Brown Egg Blue Egg Silkies Have a Hole in Their Head By Alan Stanford, Ph.D. January 30, 2003 Silkies have a hole in the top of their skull. Kate learned this as she and a professor from the University of Wisconsin dissected a Silkie. As far as we know all Silkies have this hole in the […]

Silkie Genetics

  Brown Egg Blue Egg Silkie Genetics Dr. W.F. Hollander Ames, IA Does a Silkie have genes? Of coarse! How many? Hmmm – just as many as other chickens – Thousands. Oh…But I meant SPECIAL genes! Special? How special? Absolutely unique? what’s the reference? Well, let’s first consider the plumage structure. Even a blind person can […]

Silkie Diet

Brown Egg Blue Egg Silkie Diet Janice Lacanette 27 February 2005 This is my interpretation of George Mihalik’s diet for Silkies. Some of the details may be somewhat different from George’s actual practice and I don’t always have precise quantities. It was very kind of George to share this information; I believe he really cares about […]

Silkies: Telling the Pullets from the Cockerels

Silkies: Telling the Pullets from the Cockerels By Inga LaddWithout a doubt, the most frequently asked question about Silkies is “How do you tell the girls from the boys?” Sexing Silkies just takes practice, patience and a sense of humor! One answer by experienced breeders is that Silkie cockerels crow and Silkie pullets lay eggs. […]

Scaly Leg Mites

Brown Egg Blue Egg Scaly Leg Mites By Alan Stanford, Ph.D. Brown Egg Blue Egg Here is a photo of a Silkie named Cotton. She has scaly leg mites on her toes. The mites also damaged her toenails. You can easily identify the mites by the raised scales on Cotton’s middle toes. There are pictures of […]