What Makes Pygmy Goats A Great Pet?

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When you think of goats, you probably picture farms or nature show before you think of pets. However, pygmy goats can be surprisingly wonderful companion animals. Keep reading to discover what makes these creatures such great pets.

While domestic goats have an average height of over two feet and can be as large as 42 iinches,pygmies are significantly smaller. Their height ranges from 16 to 23 inches, while their weight ranges anywhere from 53 pounds to 86 pounds – smaller than many dogs! Female pygmies tend to be much smaller than males of the species.

Pygmy goats are similar to dogs in a number of ways. They’re loving, intelligent, and extremely playful. Pygmies can get very attached to their owners, and it’s common for them to follow them around throughout the day. They love being around people, and will often try and befriend any human they come into contact with. They’re also full of energy, and will happily engage in a number of games. While you should take care when introducing a pygmy goat to your other pets, pygmies love other animals as well.

The pygmy goat is both docile and robust, and can easily adapt to colder outdoor temperatures. Their hooves should be trimmed regularly, and they should a veterinarian about once a year. As long as you can do that, keeping your pet in good health should not be a problem.

The pygmy diet is fairly simple. Most goats simply munch on grains and greens. Some plants, such as yew, should be avoided, but a conversation with your vet should give you a variety of convenient and healthy food ideas.

There are several issues you should take into account before bringing pygmy goats into your home. Because they are so active, they require an open space to play. If your pet does not have regular outdoor access, they may cause damage to your furniture or other possessions. A play area or a shed in the backyard can easily resolve this issue.

While outdoor play time is important, pygmies can absolutely be housebroken. If you are willing to take the time to train your goat, they should be able to spend most of their time inside. Just make sure they still have a place they can run and jump.

Like other goats, pygmy goats have horns, and these horns can cause harm. A friendly pygmy may injure someone with their horn while trying to play. A curious pygmy may get their horn stuck while trying to explore. Thankfully, horns can easily be removed. This process is called debudding, and will cause your pet minimal pain as long as it is done when it is young.

Because females goats are smaller and more docile, they are better suited to domestication. However, with a little extra care, male pygmy goats can make excellent pets as well. Males will need to be neutered to cut down on aggressive behaviors, and they will also need to be “descented”. This is a process that removes odor glands from the goat.

As long as you can meet the needs of a pygmy goat, they are one of the most rewarding pets around. Pygmies love to play with their owners and show them affection. Pygmies are very smart and can play a number of games and can be taught a number of tricks. And best of all, pygmies are a healthy animal that can be your companion for years and years.

The next time you think about goats, don’t just think about milk or cheese. Think about pygmy goats, and what it would be like to have one for a pet. Bringing home a pygmy could be the best decision that you ever make.

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