What comes with Amber Waves Goats?

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What comes with Amber Waves Goats?
  • Large welcome package with care information on your new miniature goat.
  • Goats are registered unless otherwise specified. Papers at time of pickup or they will be mailed after shipment. If registration papers are not back from the registry yet they will be mailed when received.
  • Life Time Support
  • All goats unless otherwise stated have been blood tested within the last 365 days for CAE, CL and Johne’s If babies are under six months then parents are blood tested negative
  • Goats come dehorned and current on all vaccinations, worming, Hoof trimming etc.
  • First 10 days board is at no charge starting on day 11 board is $5.00 per day per goat. Note: No board is charged on babies until weaned unless bottle babies then board applies.
  • We coordinate with our vet to acquire the needed health papers for shipment around the world or across the country.
  • We work closely with our shipper/exporter and the USDA in the shipment of your animals.
  • All animals are micro chipped in the tail and or tattooed.
  • Automatic reminders via email when the goats are due for shots and worming etc.
  • Extended Pedigrees
  • Answer questions normally within 48 hours many times within hours.
  • Low cost routine health programs for local customers. We offer education for our customers on how to take care of trim hoofs, give shots etc.(All above are by appointment)
  • Reduced breeding fees
  • Micro chipped (Additional $20.00 Fee will be added)
  • Boarding for four customers if you go out of town or on vacation. Note: All goats coming to Amber Waves must have a current lab report showing negative CAE, CL and Johne’s within the last 365 days unless goat is under six months. No Exceptions.
  • Vet days we notify customers when our vet will be here and you can bring your goats for vet work. Call fee is split by the number of customers here.
International Shipments all of the above plus
  • All international shipments will also have an ear tag as a second form of identification. When the goats arrive cut the ear tags off. Pygmies are not usually ear tagged but if the microchip fails (which they do sometimes) and there is not a second form of ID the USDA will not allow the goat to ship
  • We will handle all registration of babies born at no additional charge just registration fees from registry
  • If your country requires quarantine for shipments please contact us for board rates.
  • If there are items you need from the US we can purchase the items and ship to you. You will be billed at cost plus shipping
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