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Everyone loves the look of miniature Nubian goats. They have distinctive large, floppy ears which make them an endearing breed. Their cousin, the Nubian goat can grow to be a very large animal weighing in at over 200 pounds.

If you are interested in owning a goat, you may want to learn more about miniature Nubians. These goats will grow to be about half the size of their larger cousin.

1. Size of the Miniature

This breed of goat grows to about 24 to 26 inches at the shoulder or withers. This means that with a smaller size, they are easier to care for. Showing them, clipping them, milking them and even trimming their hooves are things a child or an elderly person can handle. They are the perfect goat for anyone of any age and are a good breed for being introduced to goat ownership.

2. Temperament

These gentle, affectionate animals are really a pleasure to own. Again, with their gentle nature, they are perfect for anyone new to owning goats. They are also ideal pets around children and older individuals. If you are looking for a goat that will also be a great goat for providing milk to your family, this is the one to choose.

They are easy to milk and they produce plenty of it. If you want to make your own homemade yogurts or cheeses, these goats provide enough milk to do it with much less feed than the larger Nubians require. This makes them economical to own, as well.

3. Breed Characteristics

The miniature Nubian is a breed that originates from a blend of Nubian and Nigerian goats. They come in any color of fur as long as it is short and glossy. The nose is convex. This is one of the major distinctions of the breed. They have soft, supple udders and skin. Their droopy ears are one of their most appealing features. The breed will be considered disqualified as an official miniature Nubian if the ears are upright or stand straight out from the goat’s head.

4. Showing and Owning the Miniature Nubian

There are plenty of places to show your goats. Visit the Miniature Dairy Goat Association website for precise details about shows. You will want to join the Association as a member to show your goat and also to get more details about the breed.

Showing your goats is a wonderful way to meet up with other miniature Nubian owners and fans. If you enjoy owning them, you may be interested in breeding a herd. When you decided to do this, it is essential to have membership in the Association to get publicity for your herd and to maintain proper breeding for the goats to keep them within breed standards.

However, experimental breeding is allowed, and you can find out more about this from the Association and other members. The member directory is also a wonderful way to find your first mini-Nubian from an experienced breeder in order to bring home a wonderful new addition to your family.

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