Why You Should Consider a Pygmy Goat for Your New Pet

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In the world of pets , he choices are wide and varied. Often in broaching the subject of a new pet the automatic ideas may be of the old standbys: Dogs and Cats. There’s another player in the land of pets, though, and one that’s steadily gaining popularity: the Pygmy Goat.

You might be wondering ‘Why should I consider a Pygmy Goat for my new pet? The reasons are varied, but to begin with, how absolutely adorable they are is a big draw. When thinking about getting a pet there clearly are many factors to consider. Such things as the initial expense of the animal, how much time they require, the temperament, dietary requirements and exercise needs of a pet should be taken into consideration to see what would be a good fit to the lifestyle of the owner.

Originally from the Cameroon Valley in West Africa, the Pygmy Goat is, as the name implies, a smaller version of the domesticated barnyard Goat. Does, the ‘mama’ weigh in around 24- 34 Kg, with the Billies topping them slightly by 3- 5 Kg. Their average height is about 41- 58 cm, making them a diminutive little animal that doesn’t require an exorbitant amount of space.

Pygmy Goats range in price from a very low cost to several thousand. Price is influenced by the breeder, color, size, age, health, genealogy, and breeding capabilities. It is absolutely up to you as the buyer what you are looking for in a pet and how much you want to spend. Research is your best bet, as seeing what the options are will give you a much clearer idea of what you might want.

Often, a great deal of the expense of keeping an animal as a pet is their diet. Not so with the Pygmy Goat. The best possible option for them is a small field or slice of land with as much variety as mother nature can present. Grass, clover, wildflowers, alders, and many other types of ground cover provide these little foragers with a plethora of tastes and textures to nibble at all day long.

If you don’t have access to a piece of land like that, the Pygmy Goat can also subsist quite happily on plain hay. A handful of grains or some fruit pulp from time to time is a treat, and that, along with the love and respect you’re sure to be giving them, will keep them as a happy, healthy, and sometimes even affectionate companion.

Pygmy Goats are not demanding when it comes to their housing either. A simple shed or enclosure to protect them from rain, predators, and the cold of winter is all they require. Inside a raised portion for them to sleep on will keep them happy and comfortable. Thanks again to their small stature, this sleeping are doesn’t have to be very large- a 4 x 4′ shed only 3′ high will comfortably house two adults.

If you are a pet owner who finds it enjoyable to watch the antics of your friends, the Pygmy Goat needs very little in the way of a play area to infuse an ordinary day with a feeling of excitement and amusement. A few boxes, a pile of rocks, a board or two stabilized on an angle are the kind of simple props that will provide them with all manner of fun hopping, climbing and hiding.

The Pygmy Goat is a sweet and endearing addition to any farm or family. Why not consider this cute little animal for your next pet?

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