Bring Silkie Chickens Home to Enjoy Fresh Eggs All Year

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Silkie chickens are one of the most unique, beautiful varieties of chicken in the world. They are also one of the most useful, affordable pets you can bring home! Because of their small size and inability to fly (thanks to their fluffy feathers), silkie chickens are easier to keep than most breeds whether you live in a rural, suburban, or even urban setting. The typical family goes through quite a few eggs each week, which can quickly put a dent in your grocery budget. By raising silkie chickens, you will save money while enjoying eggs that are much fresher than store-bought. Your family will also be more self-sufficient!

While your first thought may be of a barnyard when you think of chickens, there is a growing movement across the country to reintroduce the backyard chicken coops. People want to become closer to their food and really know what they are feeding themselves and their families. They appreciate the increase in independence and cost savings associated with having their own food supply. Of course, you should check with your city before bringing any chickens home. Even if there is an ordinance stating you can’t have chickens in your area, many people have been successful in overturning bans on chickens, so don’t give up! A conversation with your city about raising chickens is worth it!

Silkies are great layers of fairly large-sized bantam eggs and will lay well into winter when other breeds of chickens have quit (again, thanks to their fluffy feathers!). As mentioned above, their inability to fly is to your advantage in keeping them from getting too far away from you. Being that silkies are smaller chickens, they can be raised successfully in smaller spaces with lower fences. Silkies happen to be great at pest control as they eat all of the insects they find, so you may end up wanting to give them larger outdoor areas to roam! However, don’t forget to keep them protected from predators. Their inability to fly does make them more vulnerable to predators if silkies don’t have proper fencing and housing.

Silkies are known for their friendly disposition and pleasant temperament – it is common for them to bond with their owners as long as their owners handle them with care! Their wonderful temperament makes silkie chickens an excellent choice for poultry novices and seasoned industry veterans alike. Truly, these chickens can be raised by most children because they are so docile. This makes raising silkie chickens a potential family affair, and who couldn’t use a little more family bonding time? Beyond teaching children responsibility, silkie chickens can be entered into poultry shows. These shows are yet another learning opportunity, and they may just become a new hobby the whole family enjoys!

The joys of chicken ownership go beyond having fresh eggs (although it is a very important, yummy perk!); silkie chickens will provide you with companionship, entertainment, and natural pest control. They may lead to a new hobby and group of friends! That said, it is important to always purchase your silkies from a reputable breeder. Purchasing sickly chickens makes raising a healthy flock much more expensive and difficult! To ensure you are getting high quality birds, only purchase silkie chickens from a breeder whose flock is NPIP certified. The National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) provides certification that poultry and poultry products destined for interstate and international shipments are disease free. Amber Waves, whose flock is NPIP certified, provides clients with high quality poultry and support over the entire lifetime of the chickens.

Contact Amber Waves to purchase silkie chickens and get all of your silkie chicken questions answered today!


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