Bottle Babies (General Notes)

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Your baby will be scared when you take her home. Keep her in a small confined space and hold and love her as much as possible.

The first 24 hours she may not take to the bottle really well. It is all strange and scary for her.

Buy a regular baby bottle and get several different nipple sizes and textures. Not all goats like the same feel.  Cut a large X in the nipple so the milk flows out faster but does not pour out.

Use whole cows milk . Warm the same way you would for a human baby.

Sit down on the floor with the baby’s butt between your legs so she cannot back away from you. You will need to open her mouth till she gets the hang of it.

Support the chin in your hand and balance the bottle at the same time. Hold the back of the head with the other hand so the little one cannot get away. You can assist training by placing your finger in the kid’s mouth before replacing it with the teat, stroking the kid’s muzzle and head, and positioning the kid alongside a trained kid to allow contact of muzzles of both kids. Be persistent, some take a few feeds, others get the idea very quickly. Make sure the milk is warm for the first several days. Newborns can be very finicky about milk temperature and may refuse a bottle that is one degree different. (Note: the teat should be placed in the front of the mouth, not on the side of the mouth).

A feeding schedule is in this booklet. At first, you can feed her more often but when she learns to drink from the bottle get her on a schedule.

Sometimes they can get little diarrhea from the stress give them Pepto-Bismol about 2-3 cc’s oral. Do not use anything else.

Get a digital human thermometer if your baby seems off the first thing you need to do is take her temperature. It should be 102-104 that is normal.

DO NOT let people put their fingers in the baby goats mouth there is too much potential for germs.

The VERY BEST way to see how your baby is doing is to weigh her every day for the first week or so. The first 24 hours she may lose some but then she should be gaining a little every day.

A baby Play-Pen works very well with towels on the bottom. When they get wet just put dry ones down and wash the wet ones.

Goats are naturally afraid of dogs introduce dogs slowly and make sure they are supervised.

They should have grain and alfalfa hay available free choice at all times.

Babies love to mouth on everything so make sure there are no poisonous plants or items they can reach. A list of common poisonous plants is included in your booklet.

Your baby should be dehorned at about 4 weeks for does and sooner for males depending on how she is doing and how strong she is. This is a very stressful procedure.  You can bring her back to have her dehorned or have a vet due it.

  • Babies learn to walk on a leash much like a dog.Normal healthy kids have the following appearance and behavior characteristics:
    * soft, shiny and pliable coats
    * sleep for several hours each day
    * alert and bright-eyed when awake
    * walk and run freely
    * have a well-filled abdomen
    * droppings are normally soft and pasty.

Marked change from the normal is an early sign of sickness. A disease usually causes increases in body temperature and in respiration and pulse rates, and changes in the appearance and behaviour of kids.


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